Ich kann nicht in Deutsch schreiben aber sie koennen es mit GOOGLE uebersetzen Here is my new bench and the new leg vise I have been working on ,finally done and ready for play .The leg vise is my new design which is completely different from the one I posted using the timing belt . There was a comment from a friend that stated that the leg vise had a class three lever action and that got me thinking and I went to my scratch pad to see if I could not come up with a class one lever design . After many redesigns and modifications to the original vise that I had built I finally built this one and it is very simple . This is the first leg vise to use a class one lever system as far as I have been able to determine which makes me feel proud .. The big advantage is that both my hands are free to hold and place the work piece in the vise and using my foot to do the clamping and the vise is a quick release at all times without any additional lever to operate ,just slide in or out at will. The leg vise uses threaded rod and coupling nuts to lock which are activated by only one pedal which does the locking and clamping in one operation . I simply open the vise to whatever size I need and then push it closed with my leg (LEG VISE ) and then step on the pedal to clamp the work piece . The reason I used threaded rod instead of a timing belt is that this design generated more clamping pressure and the cogs on the belt started to squish under pressure on this design. Well this turned out nice and in the end and I deleted the handle /hand wheel the previous locking pedal and wound up with one pedal to do all the work and my hands are totally free to place the work piece and my leg and foot do the clamping . The bench also has another vise on the right end which was given to me and is fitted with a maple chop about 19” x6”and will have a leather face ,it size covers the front and centre row of dog holes . I would have liked it to go across the whole end but this will have to do. The bench is built from 2”x6” SPF lumber and some Jatoba for the ends . A pretty straight forward build but nice and solid and fairly heavy nice and flat and that’s what matters . I made a couple bench dogs and with some other accessories there should be plenty of clamping options . The size of the bench is 29 1/2” x62” and 38 1/2” high . A sliding dead man will come later and the shop stool works real nice . Here is a VIDEO for you in English to explain the bench and vise operation .

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