turbo sled

Many years ago I needed a bunch of quarter columns for a desk suite and time was short to finish the project the lathe shop that did my turning was to busy to do this for me and I had to improvise with the tools I had. One evening is all it took to glue up the blanks and turn them on my table saw this is how the kiefer turbo sled was born. All I need is a threaded rod a couple of bearing blocks and nut bolts and washers to set this up on a sled. I start by making up the turning blanks and installing end plates. Install on sled centering on blade and setting to proper height. I rotate the assemly via crank and slide the full lenght to make sure every thing is tight and align properly and will not slide off the saw for my setup to keep the sled from tipping as I have no outfeed table. I also make sure that the crank is well back from where the sawblade exits the sled (danger). In the future I will have a guard in front of the crank. For this project I had a stop block installed to limit the travel of the sled. Once everything is safley set up I start the saw on rotate the blank and raise the blade slowly listenig for the blade to contact the turning blank take small cuts pushing the sled and rotating the blank via the crank I soon get the right speed of rotation and sled advance ratio. I check the blank frequently for size as I progress. The finish left by the saw blade is excellent and sanding is a breeze with the saw off and the blade lowerd I use a random orbit sander and rotate the blank at the same time. For more pictures send e mail to skex1@hotmail.com

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